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Our store

This is our amazing heritage

Fancy fruits and produce is a family business that started on February 2006, 8 years ago in a small location in Longwood. We are focused on providing the best and freshest produce at unbeatable prices.
About a year after in September 2007 we decided to expand our market and introduced meat as a different line of product. This was how we came upon opening our second business on or Goldenrod road.
With 5 stores open today from Orlando all the way to Orange City we are celebrating the grand opening of our most current location in the area of West Colonial thus expanding our business all the way through Central Florida.

We are a multicultural store with a wide variety of ethnical products. We are open every day of the week, every day of the year with adjusting holiday schedules. Fancy Fruit and Produce is a store you can depend on. All our facilities are independently operated under the same ownership.
The 'Fancy Fruit' concept was born from the needs people were showing to find fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Once we realized the best way to fill that need was providing all goods fresh the same day we set up our structure to comply with rules we defined and that enable us to have a huge team working on the clock to clean up and refill every hour.

With over thirty years working experience in the retail business we are able to adjust each store to the needs of the surrounding communities, offering unbeatable prices.